Electro Galvanized Coating

Electro galvanized coating

The protection against corrosion of iron and steel co and ci in most mental exact zoom, the method of material is coated with the electric galvanized.

Iron and steel materials in which they are located from the atmospheric environment over time under the influence physical, chemical, electrical, and other properties losing corrode. This change, of the metal in the paslanmasi will be called. Only rust is not a visual effect, but also a corrosive chemical reactions on metal ndur. Also generates a larger volume of metal that approximately 30 times because it originated from rust, metal paslananan of the surrounding elements also tend to explode. Protective methods are applied to metal surfaces for avoiding metal corrosion from external factors. Some of these protective methods paint, plastic, nickel, chromium, copper, and zinc coating. However, all among these coating methods, zinc plated is one of the most reliable and long lasting. Zinc coating (galvanizing) can be treated by the method of of advantages in comparison with other yonte permit soylesayila:

Nufusiyet and homogeneous surface film creates a thick and high, critical points that cannot be reached by other methods (interior spaces, sharp corners, places to cut, holes, surfaces, spaces), etc are protected.

Other methods are very sensitive to minor injuries of the head shows in general corrosion and damage. However, the galvanized coating is resistant to scratches, and even self-healing property has. This self-healing effect and cathodic protection from ir. For the same reasons, electro galvanized-coated surfaces, should be relatively protected against bumps. Creates a metallurgical bond with the covering material zinc, and alloy layer occurring on the surface of the material provides a coating resistant against external influences. Galvanizing is among the coating methods, is one of the most long lasting and does not require any maintenance. Has a certain aesthetic appeal. At first bright and two-dimensional appearance which has a crystalline coating the surface, a matte surface becomes dull gray matlasara over time. Is an economical method.