1. - Gears gears in very large and inherently variable loadings may be faced with. Many conventional liquid or grease type lubricant is to prevent damage that may occur on your gear alone. Features rodaj problems under variable loads and can reach serious proportions. Dramatically reduces wear and lubricity on the surface of the afc gear providing protection problems. In particular tingling in the bottom and outer wear is the most effective solution.

2. - In this type of pins and bushings, elements often occur due to insufficient fat in damages. Usually softer bushing pin or by by selecting one operation of the equipment are sacrificed. However, when the afc coating is performed, the negative effects of both extreme high load in the system and I wear bushing and pin on the side can be blocked separately. Thus, both the equipment is protected.

3. - Chain elements: chain oils and lubrication greatly while working in a dusty and dirty environment camurlasara they lose the properties. Afc coatings eliminates these problems with dry lubricating properties.

4. - Pistons and bearings: the departure of the piece grinding and excessive wear that may occur in a cold surfaces is prevented. Energy saving is achieved. Quiet, long-life operation is obtained.

5. - Valve, valve plug, camshaft: friction and wear of critical organs like this that are safe and provides long life and continuous operation in u,

6.-Afc coatings, Air, military, or aerospace industries which are used in the production of several parts or the equipment is located in the specification.

7. - Very high or low temperatures, exposure to uv rays and effective under the influence of vacuum, air, military, or space vehicles in values increase safety and trouble-free service life in order to provide the afc coatings are used.

8. - Fasteners: bolts and studs for easy installation and maintenance of machine equipment comes when disassembly is provided as hassle free. In many cases, the required pre-tension into the system in order to gain the bolt or bolt head in the cold welding effect with rme given back to gears that break, the coefficient of friction by optimizing 9-springs: continuous herezyon halide is because can be used in this connection.

9. - Sliding elements: one on A floating lamas, centering pins or deadbolts lock types, as a result of wear over long periods, hollow and itchy the work can begin. This situation precisely control power is lossless, but it's not impossible either. AFC greatly with the use of the desired yield can be provided. And a lot more some sort of film in the area are able to see the benefits of the solid model.